Client Testimonials

Sally has truly transformed the way I think about health, diet, and nutrition. She’s equipped me with the tools to make informed food choices and inspired me to take care of myself. She’s flexible and creative yet keeps me grounded on routine and science-based facts that help me live a healthy life! Thanks Sally!

Marla K.
Colorado, USA

It may sound extreme, but I know Sally saved my life! Dozens of doctors and specialists didn’t think to test for a genetic SNP that Sally felt was likely based on my symptoms. After working with Sally for several months, I’ve never felt better. I’ve recommended family and friends to her because of her incredible expertise, empathy and passion for nutrition and wellness. My healthcare bar is very high, and Sally surpassed all of my expectations.

Kayla N.
New York City, USA

I’m so lucky to have found Sally to help me with my health problems!  Sally has been extremely generous with her time, expertise and good old common sense. She has helped me to learn to manage diabetes and understand all the influences that cause and control the disease as well.  In a thoroughly professional manner, Sally knows her stuff and has been a tremendous help with these many life style changes that I’ve had to make.

Brenda B.
Maryland, USA

I always considered myself to be a healthy person, then I received my lab results for my annual physical and was shocked to see I had high cholesterol and my A1C blood sugar was way off! I didn’t know what to do. The doctor was ready to prescribe medication and I knew I wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t just want a “band-aid,” I wanted to know what was throwing my numbers off. A friend suggested I talk with Sally. After a few months of working with Sally, my health is even better, I understand what I am eating and my lab results are Normal! What a difference it made to work with Sally!

Susan E.
New York, USA

My decision to work with Sally took the mystery and fear out of the equation. Working in tandem with my doctors, Sally took a holistic approach with the review and analysis of my labs, symptoms and lifestyle to a deeper level. The initial intake and consultation established a strong foundation for the process. By way of calls and written information via her online portal I felt supported every step of the way and happily achieved amazing results. This is a new lifestyle, so as my life, my body and my food choices change, I know I have Sally there to course correct and help me stay healthy.

Gail D.
New York, USA

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