Nutrition Workshops

Invite us to provide nutrition lessons at your local event. Appropriate for all ages!

From cooking demos to speaking engagements, learn new tips and advice from a registered dietitian. Get better insight about your nutrition and ways to achieve optimal health.

Previous presentations include but are not limited to:

Reading a Food Label: How to decide what foods are good for you and your family.

Being an educated consumer is the first step in making healthy choices for you and your family. Labels can be overwhelming but I am here to help! How much is too much or too little? What are all these ingredients anyway? Whether you have never taken a look at the Nutrition Facts label or are a committed checker, chances are you will come away from this talk feeling empowered and educated when buying food.

Shopping on a Budget: Healthy does not have to mean expensive.

One of the most common comments I hear is that healthy eating is too expensive. I promise, you don’t have to spend your whole paycheck to eat a balanced diet. As a former Supermarket Dietitian, I’ll provide all the ins and outs of eating a delicious balanced diet without breaking the bank.

Feeding the Picky Eater: Help your child learn to love food.

So many parents get frustrated and worried about their child’s picky eating habits. I will show you how to break through that wall of frustration and gain back control at the dinner table. No more cooking multiple meals a night for the family. I will show you the first steps in helping your child become a competent, healthy eater for a lifetime to come.

Taking Back Control of Blood Sugar: Managing Type 2 Diabetes Through Nutrition

Food and nutrition have a major impact in blood sugar control. We all know we need to eat healthy to be healthy but what does that look like exactly? Learn what every person living with Diabetes should know when it comes to nourishing your body, including: how to balance your plate, superfoods for blood sugar control, meal timing, carbohydrate counting, and even herbs and supplements that can help you gain control.

Sometimes vs. Anytime Foods: Nutrition for PreSchool and Kindergarten

One of Sally’s favorite presentations teaches kids the importance of filling up on healthy anytime foods like fruits and vegetables. This presentation is hands-on and gets kids excited out eating healthy and trying new foods. Sally’s approach emphasizes balance and empowers kids to become healthy, competent eaters.

Additional workshops include:

Healthy Heart 101

Strong Women, Strong Bones

Optimal Nutrition for the Athlete

Prenatal Nutrition

Building a Healthy Immune System

Nutrition to Improve Your Mood, and More!

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Our body’s contain more bacteria cells than human cells, 100 trillion to 10 trillion respectively. Many healthy bacteria found in nature are essential for our health and wellbeing. Make time every day to be outside and get a little dirty. Gardening, hiking, or having a picnic are all good ways to get a healthy dose of bacteria. It can also help to add a spore-based probiotic to make sure you are getting healthy soil bacteria into your gut everyday.